through the intercession of
Jean-Claude Colin
for the healing of
Divina Obi

‘I will give you breath, and you will live…’ (Ezekiel 37)

Divina’s story

Divina Obi (10) lives in impoverished Buea, S-W Cameroon. She has a brother, Cerick (17). They once had three cousins, the Ebialle family, Stephen (22), Agnes (deceased*) and Emmanuel (16). (*In early 2016 Agnes was diagnosed with leukemia and died in Feb 2017.)

Divina’s uncle, Mr Ebialle, had died through illness ca 2005; his wife left the three children ca 2013. Divina’s mother, Aunty Elizabeth, took over the care of her nephews and niece until her untimely death in a road accident in Sep 2015.

Divina was 8 yrs old when her mother died. Her father left her and her brother to fend for themselves and find a family to look after them. He has since left the district.

Cerick came to live with his cousins, Stephen and Emmanuel, in Buea. Divina joined them late in 2016. By this time, she had developed chronic asthma.

In May 2017 Stephen reported that Divina’s health had degenerated badly. She was briefly hospitalised and received further medical attention. Because of the damage to her health across the years, the doctors say she will not survive.

This novena asks, through the intercession of Jean-Claude Colin, that the Lord will breathe new life into little Divina.  

It was through Stephen’s interest in Jean-Claude Colin that contact was first made with Divina and her family.



Novena prayer

God our Father, in your servant Jean-Claude Colin you gave your people a zealous priest and religious founder dedicated to serving the Church in the spirit of Mary.
We ask you for the glorification of your faithful servant in the midst of your Church and grant us the favour which we ask through his intercession.
the healing of Divina Obi
This we ask through Christ Our Lord.
If you receive any grace through the intercession of
Venerable Jean-Claude Colin please advise:
R. P. Carlo-Maria Schianchi SM,
Postulator, Padri Maristi
Via Alessandro Poerio 63,
00152 Rome, Italy


Founder and Father

            Jean-Claude Colin was born and baptised near St Bonnet le Troncy, central France, on Aug 07, 1790, as the French Revolution began its reign of terror.  His quiet ambition to be a priest amongst the oppressed Catholic people of his nation was realised with ordination on Jul 22, 1816, in the city of Lyons.         

            The next day he was one of twelve who promised to found a new religious family bearing the name of Mary.  There would be branches of sisters, brothers, laity and priests. 

            The young priest became the founder of the Marist Fathers and worked tirelessly towards to promote all branches of the Marist Family.

            In 1836 the priests’ branch won the approval of the Holy See as Fr Colin offered to send missionaries “to whatever distant shore”, including the remote missions of the south-west Pacific.

            As the father of the blossoming group of missionaries Fr Colin won the affection and respect of the pioneer Marists as the infant Society of Mary under his leadership as superior general expanded in numbers, ministries and extraordinary missionary influence.

            Spending the latter years of his life perfecting the rule and constitutions of the Marist Fathers, he died at La Neylière on Nov 15, 1875.